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Landline, Internet and Cellular Radio

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When your security or fire alarm is triggered, you need more than loud sirens, you need monitoring to notify the police or fire department to come to the rescue. AmeriSafe’s 24-hour fire and security monitoring service will immediately alert the proper authorities to help as soon as possible and saving lives – including yourself and your family.

AmeriSafe offers three different fire and monitoring package options for our clients — whether or not AmeriSafe equipment is used. Remember, at AmeriSafe, we don’t lock you into a monthly contract or credit check. Find the package that best fits your needs and budget from the professionals at AmeriSafe.

For more information about our package offerings, please contact the experts of AmeriSafe Alarms.

We offer several distinct monitoring packages:

Landline Security Monitoring


No Contracts

Basic Plan-
UL Listed Central Station

Landline monitoring is a cost-effective solution that calls your home phone whenever a breach is detected. Using your phone landline, this monitoring system connects your alarm panel to the monitoring center. Security notifications won’t be lost due to a power outage, poor cell signal, or bad internet connection. Your home phone is called directly! No contracts or credit check required!

Cellular Security Monitoring


No Contracts

Cellular Plan-
UL Listed Central Station
Cellular Monitoring
Arm/Disarm via Phone or Web
Email & Phone Alerts
Remote Z-Wave Control
Image Sensors

Cellular monitoring systems deliver notifications directly to your Android and Apple apps. This innovative wireless security system is the ultimate in home and business alarm monitoring. When there is an emergency, the monitoring center receives a wireless encrypted transmission, which is transmitted directly to your smartphone or device. Control and check security at any time. Everything is at your fingertips! Get the monitoring protections you need without contracts or credit checks.

Provideo Service Package


No Contracts

When you purchase a camera, you need to purchase the Provideo add-on at $5.00/month.

Senior Independence Service Package—In Home


No Contracts

When purchasing a fall detector product, for in home use, a monthly monitoring fee is required at $12/month. This service allows fall detection products to make contact with the professionals at AmeriSafe to send help.

Senior Independence Service Package—Mobile


No Contracts

Mobile fall detector products or mPERS (mobile personal emergency response systems), require a monthly monitoring fee of $24.99/month. This service allows fall detection products to make contact with the professionals at AmeriSafe to send help.