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Fire Alarm Systems

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Smoke & Heat Detectors and Fire Sensors

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A house fire is one of the most serious safety and economic concerns facing a homeowner. Losing loved ones, pets and other irreplaceable items is devastating. Not only does a fire put the entire family in jeopardy, but losing a home can create a situation that involves years of financial and personal hardship.

Pricing for residential and commercial fire alarm systems

Features Include:

• Wireless Alarm App
• Key Fob
• Image Video Sensor
• Glass Break Detector
• Smoke and Heat Detector
• Door/Window Contact
• Motion Detector
• Carbon Monoxide Detector

With the fire alarm systems from AmeriSafe Alarms, Homeowners can rest easy.

Our professional monitoring will keep you safe even when you aren’t on the property. The occupants of the home will be notified by an effective fire alarm system once the fire is detected. This leads to a direct increase in evacuation times, ensuring that everyone inside the home gets out safely. If injuries are sustained during a home fire, then medical assistance is critical. With our professional fire alarm system, emergency personnel will be informed right away.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial fire alarm systems are just as effective, and are also mandated by law. Building owners will be virtually unable to acquire property insurance unless they take steps to secure an expertly built fire alarm system. AmeriSafe Alarms specializes in both residential and commercial fire alarm systems, giving our customers versatility to get the protection they need. We also specialize in smoke detectors, heat detectors, and fire sensors.

How Our Process Works

Our professional staff will conduct a walkthrough to determine how the fire alarm system will be designed and installed. We don’t use “cookie-cutter” layouts. Instead, we take our time to make sure you receive a custom solution to the unique needs of your business or residence.

Installation times may vary, depending on the size and layout of the building. However, our technical experts will get to work on your project with fast turnaround and activation. Ultimately, both home and business owners have a responsibility to get the best fire alarm systems available to protect themselves, investments and loved ones.

If you’d like to learn more about either residential or commercial fire alarm systems, please contact our experts today for consultation. Our friendly staff is ready to answer any questions you may have.