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5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Thieves

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As the weather warms up many of us will open windows, or forget to close garage doors, leaving our homes susceptible to criminals and 34% of those criminals will enter the home through an unlocked door or window. Shockingly, about 30% of burglars will enter through the front door. While single family homes are affected, apartments are not immune. Chris Coleman, of AmeriSafe Alarms, has five ways you can protect your home—whether single family or apartment.

1. Get an alarm system. The AmeriSafe product line offers wireless kits that are easy to set up in either a home or an apartment. Wireless sensors connect to doors and windows and the kit works with an app you can use to arm or disarm your alarm system, even away from home. These kinds of kits are perfect for renters or anyone who wants protection without the hassle of waiting on a technician and without damaging walls and surfaces in your home. Apartment and property managers will appreciate damage-free installation and renters and homeowners will appreciate the easy-to-install instructions.

2. Lock windows and doors at all times. A large number of property crimes are crimes of opportunity. An unlocked window, door or car are easy targets for thieves. Don’t make it easy for them to access and steal your possessions. If you have a sliding glass door—a common feature for ground-floor apartments—make sure you always lock the door and you can install a metal or wooden bar to prevent the slider to keep the door from opening even if the lock is disabled.

3. Secure valuables in a safe or lockbox. Burglars will go straight for what you might think is a good hiding spot. Items that are in a safe or lockbox will be better protected. If possible, keep items you won’t need regularly in a bank safe-deposit box.

4. Make it harder for thieves to hide outside your home. Install motion-detection lights around your home, especially around points of entry. Keep your shrubs trimmed to make it harder for thieves to take cover.

5. If you go on vacation, wait until you are home to tell your followers and friends about your adventures. Posting when you are leaving your home, how long you will be gone and when you will return is not safe.

“Protecting your home and your family is important and the steps you can take to stay safe are easier than ever with the an AmeriSafe no-contract monitoring package. In comparison, a leading competitor has kits that are nearly $200 more and monitoring with remote arming and disarming is $24 per month,” Coleman said. “While we can’t put a price on protecting your family, we can make it more affordable.”